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Meet Vivien 

When Vivien first flew into Portugal to explore options for her own retirement, she was alarmed by the amount of misinformation provided by several lawyers and accountants - some from big names in the industry.  

A senior corporate banker with experience in international tax and legal structures, she decided to navigate the web of complex & often confusing investment/tax rules on her own and not be misled by “professionals”. 

This motivated her to establish Simply Portugal - a niche investment advisory agency, aimed at helping individuals, corporates, private equity funds make informed decisions - without incurring excessive and unnecessary costs, often targetted at foreigners. 

Vivien's last role was Director, New and Emerging Initiatives with the Singapore government, with a diverse team dedicated to bringing about impactful and sustainable social change; in collaboration with the ecosystem of government, corporates, family offices, startups and NGOs.

Vivien is from Singapore and has lived & worked in London, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore & Paris. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. She shuttles between Singapore and Lisbon and has a team of local tax & legal professionals working with her.

What Our Clients Say

I was introduced to Vivien through my banking friends. Met her over zoom consultations and then flew into Lisbon. Found my investment property; she advised me on the most tax efficient structure, then met with her lawyer to process everything - all in 3 days. I was back at work after a week in Portugal. Amazing!

Tarun, 59 | CEO | India

Vivien is very discreet, honest, and protects my interests fiercely. She is precise, and being an ex-corporate banker,  really knows her tax and legal matters well. Her team spoke great English and worked quickly to secure my Retirement visa. Since then, I invested in a few more assets and relied on her tax advice and team to structure everything. Have since recommended her to a few more friends. 

Matt, 60  | Banker | USA

I wanted a Golden Visa for my family and was so pleased a friend introduced me to Vivien. She listened and understood my needs, and helped me save lots of fees and taxes through her solution. Her team spoke great English and managed my expectations throughout. They work really fast which is such an asset in Portugal!!  

Ka Lok, 55 | Banker | Hong Kong

I knew Vivien when we both served in our respective Ministries in the 
Singapore Government. When I decided to retire in Portugal, she helped me navigate through the whole process, and I bought my dream house - by the sea! I have since introduced a few more of my friends to her and we are now good friends!! 

Mr A, 63 | Civil Servant | Singapore

Investing or moving to another country is a huge decision-often with tax implications and can be draining. Having been through it all, I help explain & simplify the process, engage directly with reliable & honest local professionals, so that my clients do not pay inflated fees for services they don’t need ......



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