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Law, Accounting, & Real Estate firms

All the partner firms we work with are specially curated by our founder, Vivien.

She stays in constant contact with each of the selected firms’ founders and partners to ensure that they are aligned with the values of Simply Portugal’s diverse international clientele.


  1. High standard of English and professionalism

  2. Expected quick turnaround time

  3. Personal service especially in real estate planning & wealth preservation

  4. An understanding of cultural differences and expectations

  5. Integrity and very reasonable pricing for foreigners

Law Firms

Firms we work with are selected based on their ethos and expertise that match our clients' needs.


A medium-sized firm with more than 25 years of practice in Portugal and a strength of 30 lawyers and associates. Suitable for clients like family trusts, investment funds, and ultrahigh net worth clients.

Specialties: tax law; corporate & commercial law; banking, financial & capital markets; real estate; wealth & estate planning; data & intellectual property


A boutique firm with 5 lawyers with more than 10 years of practice in Lisbon.

Specialties: real estate; tax; immigration; wealth & estate planning


Sole proprietor (used to work in the largest law firm in Lisbon) who advises on the purchase of real estate and execution of wills in Portugal.


A medium-sized firm with 20 employees

Specialties: incorporating companies for investment and personal needs; company secretariat and filing of taxes


A local firm of 10 employees

Specialties: filing of taxes; assistance in local immigration matters


A local firm of 5 employees

Specialties: immigration; assistance in opening accounts & tax number; tax filings

Accounting Firms
Real Estate Firms

Portugal has a unique system of rules and practices that govern how real estate agents operate. As it is a largely unregulated area, working with the large brand names may not work in your favour.


In essence, you cannot apply the standards of your home country to how agents operate in Portugal.


e.g. Commissions are paid by sellers or landlords. Even if you decide to pay them, your agent has no access to a large database and cannot work in your best interest.

Vivien has met and curated 5 firms, based on her own house hunting experience as well as assisting friends/clientsto secure their investments or new homes. They all possess the 5 values that are exhibited above.

Law, Accounting, & Real Estate firms

Founded since 1996, PINEBRIDGE is one of the fastest-growing accounting and business advisory groups in Singapore. They provide audit, tax, business support, and financial advisory services to corporate and private clients

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